Our services

Technical management
We can advise on the most suitable choice of maintenance appropriate to your aims, now and in the future, whether corrective or systematic. We have a team of specialists to do this. Specialists who are able to convert your aims into a long-term maintenance plan (LMP) and have the desired maintenance work carried out for you under the most favourable conditions. Our extensive network of contractors will guarantee this. Only the best companies may take part. The most competitive price wins and you benefit directly.

You can rely on us for the right advice, good planning, budget monitoring and supervising the right end result. And good communication: that’s where we provide added value.

Our service desk is open 24/7 for our tenants. We register, assess, coordinate and communicate, paying close attention to both tenants and owners.


  • 24/7 Service desk
  • Coordination of maintenance
  • Condition measurements
  • Long-term maintenance plans (LMP)

Commercial management
The highest achievable customer satisfaction, rental income, increase in value and cash flow are at the forefront when we take care of the commercial management of your real estate. We continually check the possibilities of your property against users’ wishes, market developments and your policy objectives, while taking account of all legal obstacles and opportunities. We can develop new marketing concepts for you and put them into practice, making use of the expertise and efforts of vb&t’s regional estate agents, where appropriate.


  • Letting of residential property
  • Advice on rents
  • Drawing up scores
  • Letting and advice on new residential property
  • Letting brokerage for commercial real estate

Financial management
Good real estate accounting demands a tightly-controlled process and maximum transparency. vb&t Real Estate Management takes care of your rent collection, accounts payable records, contract administration and the settlement of fuel and service costs down to the last detail. You will periodically receive comprehensible financial reports. And if you wish, we can also draw up your annual accounts, accompanied by an auditor’s report. We provide a far-reaching form of individualised service, in other words.


  • Stook- en servicekostencheck

Special management
Sometimes regular technical, commercial or financial management of real estate or real estate portfolios does not offer the added value you have in mind. Examples might include when real estate needs to be managed temporarily due to bankruptcy by order of the official receiver or mortgage provider. Or if residential property needs to be handed over free of tenancy in the event of demolition or redevelopment and residents therefore need to be supported during their rehousing, whether temporary or permanent.  vb&t Real Estate Management can offer you an appropriate management solution in such special cases too.