Termination of tenancy agreement

To terminate the rent of your house and/or parking place, we ask you to fill in the form 'Termination of rental agreement' and send it to us.
Standard termination of tenancy agreement
Download the lease termination form

More information and cancellation conditions can be found at here

Termination of lease in case of death

We are sorry for the loss of your relative/neighbour. Please use the form "Termination of rental agreement in case of death" to terminate the rent of your relative/neighbour.
Termination of tenancy following death
Download het formulier ‘Opzegging huurovereenkomst bij overlijden’ als invulpdf
Download the Termination of tenancy following death
Download the Termination of tenancy following death fillable form

Introducing a new tenant

A new rental candidate can be recommended on the form. It is not possible to give priority to every candidate. As soon as we have received the tenancy notice from you, we will inform you.

I have cancelled my rent, what now?

Have you cancelled the rent in writing? If so, you will receive a confirmation letter within 8 days of receipt of the notice. This will state the date on which the tenancy will be terminated. Upon receipt of the confirmation, the termination of the rental agreement is final.

After termination of the lease, we will start looking for a new candidate tenant. When we have selected a candidate tenant, he or she will be given the opportunity to view the house with you. We therefore give your telephone number to the candidate tenant(s) so that they can make an appointment with you for the viewing. This gives you the opportunity to make arrangements for the transfer of a number of matters.

Before you can move in, it is important that you know what is expected of you. That is why one of our housing inspectors will contact you after the tenancy notice has been confirmed. The home inspector will make appointments for a preliminary and final inspection.


During the preliminary inspection, our home inspector will walk through the house with you and tell you how you should leave the house. This may mean that you have to repair some defects before you can move in. The appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes. After the preliminary inspection you will receive the agreements made with the home inspector in an inspection report by e-mail.

Do you have doubts about how to deliver certain things? Then it is important to discuss these matters during the preliminary inspection. That way, you will not be faced with any surprises during the final inspection.

Final inspection

Before handing over the keys, the home inspector will go through the house again with you. The home inspector will draw up the inspection report, indicating the condition of the home.

Is everything delivered correctly? Then we will ask you to sign the inspection report after approval. The report can only be signed by you or an authorised person. Do you want to authorise someone? This authorisation must be given to the home inspector before the inspection.

Is the property not handed over properly? Then the housing inspector will give the former tenant a reasonable period of time in which to carry out the repairs. If these points are again found not to be in order during the re-inspection, we will instruct a contractor to repair the items and the costs of this will be charged to the former tenant.


Have you made arrangements with the new tenant to transfer a number of items? Then we ask you to fill in the handover form. This form must also be signed by the new tenant and handed over to our inspector prior to the inspection. If you do not reach an agreement with the new tenant(s) about taking over items, these must be removed before the end of the rental period. If any damage occurs as a result, it must also be repaired before the end of the rental period.

If no new tenant has been appointed during the inspection, no items can be offered for transfer. The property must then be vacated.

Download het Overnamerapport

How do I leave the property?

At the time of the final inspection, the following points must be satisfied, unless otherwise agreed with the housing inspector:

✓  The house is empty, undamaged and clean.
✓  The paintwork on doors, cupboards, radiators and pipes is undamaged or repaired.
✓  The paintwork is light in colour.
✓  Nails, screws and plugs have been removed from the walls and the holes plugged.
✓  Plafonds structuurwanden en spuitwerk zijn glad (behangklaar) en zijn egaal dekkend wit.
✓  Vloerbedekking, plavuizen, parket- en laminaatvloeren, structuur, kurk, vinyl, linnen, schrootjes, steenstrips etc. zijn verwijderd (incl. lijmresten) en de vloer is egaal.
✓  The sanitary facilities are clean, undamaged, unblocked and complete.
✓  Applied stickers, adhesive mirrors and the like have been removed and damages repaired.
✓  Removed parts (walls, doors, washbasin, air vents, stair railings, stair gates, etc.) have been returned to their original state.
✓  Damages that have occurred have been repaired.
✓  The garden has been tidied up and any pond or other holes and potholes in the ground have been filled.
✓  Shed, garage and car park are clean and undamaged.
✓  Materials supplied by us are present (e.g. filling hose, operating instructions, (cabinet) shelves, door handles etc.).
✓  Windows are undamaged.
✓  The thermostat is set at 15°C.