Request for repair

You can report faults and requests for repairs to our 24-hour service desk. Please consult the Maintenance ABC first to find out who is responsible for which repair.

If you have any doubts about technical malfunctions, you can of course always call our service desk. Our service employee will then determine with you whether or not action is required.

The way in which malfunctions must be remedied, and at whose expense, depends on the ownership situation, lease agreements and/or specific complex situations. In some cases, you can report malfunctions directly to the company carrying out the work. In that case, you will have been informed.

You can reach us:

  • by e-mail: We can always be reached at;
  • by phone:on weekdays between 8.30am and 5pm: 088-545 46 66 option 1. Also for urgent technical faults outside office hours. You will then receive further instructions via a tape recording.
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