• Tenancy agreement
    As a tenant of vb&t, you have a tenancy agreement for your accommodation. Below is a link to more detailed information about the tenancy agreement. You can also read how to terminate the tenancy agreement and when you have to have changes made.
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  • General provisions of tenancy agreement for residential premises
    These are the prevailing standard General Provisions of Tenancy Agreement for Residential Premises, Dutch Real Estate Council (ROZ) model, adopted on 31 July 2003.
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  • Minor Repairs Decree
    Minor repairs to your residential accommodation will be carried out in accordance with the Minor Repairs Decree, in accordance with Section 240 of Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code.
    Click here for the decree. 
  • Who is responsible for which maintenance?
    A brief explanation of everyone’s responsibility regarding the maintenance of your home.
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Detailed information about the service charges can be found in the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Tenants are responsible for preventing drains and sewers from becoming blocked. To help you, we have drawn up a list of tips in conjunction with the sewer maintenance company, Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer.

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Would you like to have your tenancy agreement altered because you and your partner will be living together or because of divorce? Or do you want to terminate the tenancy? There are standard forms for this which you can send to the contract changes department ["contractmutaties"] at vb&t Real Estate Management.

You can reach us:

The payments department records all payments. This department will also remind you if we have not received your payment in good time. If you have any questions about your payments, please contact the payments department ["Betalingen"].

You can reach us:

User operation for the MV control switch (note: can vary per type/brand):

  • Temporary manual mode

A temporary position lasts by default 15 minutes. By pressing 2 or 3 times this time is multiplied. Pressing it 3 times will run the system for 3 x 15 = 45 minutes in high mode. After that the system will go back to the last selected mode.

Briefly press the corresponding button once, twice or three times to activate a temporary low, medium or high setting. The LED will light up green for 1 second as confirmation.

  • Permanent manual position

A permanent state is activated for the zone in which the user is located. This mode remains active until the user deactivates it again.

Pressing a button for 5 seconds permanently activates the corresponding mode. Tap any button to deactivate the permanent mode.